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Andrew H. HarveyWell Tri-State turns the big 4-9 this year. So my google search says that there is no traditional wedding anniversary gift, but modern gifts suggest a luxury good. It goes on to define a luxury good as

a vintage bottle of wine,

handmade Belgian chocolates,

or afternoon tea at the Ritz!

And well you know Tri-State has aged well. We look good at 49! And like a vintage bottle of wine, we only get better with age. We continue to grow and provide trainings to our membership, because without YOU our members, we wouldn’t exist. We aim to please like a handmade Belgian chocolate, to provide high-quality trainings and materials but at a more local, hands-on, intimate environment (where you can ask a question mid-presentation or 14 weeks after the presentation call or email the presenter and feel a personal connection). And well none of our institutions can probably afford afternoon high tea at the Ritz (complete with the 3-tiered bone china dainty sandwiches), I think our training opportunities from Fall Conference to Neophtye training to Diversity workshops to all of the charity work we do, we are Ritz material!

This year I think you will find ever exciting things. We have discussed a re-vamped logo FOR YEARS, and we will see one this year! We have a renewed strategic direction that will lead us well into the future for let’s hope another 49 years! I can assure you it is not going to be a year of business as usual, but we are rethinking everything we do – to make sure that we are still putting YOU First!

Cheers to an amazing year!!

Andrew H. Harvey
2018-2019 Chair

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11.9 2018 Fall Conference Presentations now available

2018 Fall Conference
November 5-7, 2018
Rocky Gap Casino Resort
Flintstone, Maryland

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DE-DC-MD Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators will advocate and promote equal access to post secondary education for all students. We will counsel and encourage our students and each other to reach our goals and dreams. For financial aid professionals, we will continue to provide training for all levels of financial aid personnel, from front line counselors to those in complex leadership positions. Our organization will provide a positive impact for the education of our country.

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