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Message from the Chair

Submitted by: Amy Spinnato

I am excited to be the chair of the DE-DC-MD (Tri-State) Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (ASFAA) for the 2015-2016 year. Being a member of Tri-State my entire financial aid career has allowed me to gain access to a great networking community.

As an association, we plan to continue to offer a variety of training events in addition to keeping your offices abreast of changes on the hill. We will continue to provide employment listings as a benefit of membership, giving members access to career opportunities.

With budgets being tight we feel that our membership rates, conference and training costs are reasonable while at the same time providing much value.

Neophyte Training is being held from October 5th through 9th at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. Please be on the lookout for registration and more information soon from our Professional Development and Training Committee.

The 2015 Fall Conference will be held in Ocean City, Maryland Tuesday November 10th through 12th. The conference committee is working tirelessly on making this a great training and event. Information on the hotel and more can be found at www.dedcmdasfaa.org.

Tri-State relies on volunteers in order to provide our services. If it's been a while since you have volunteered or if you are looking to connect with a group of caring knowledgeable professionals than this is the association for you.

We are also an association that gives back to the community through fundraising events as well as offering scholarships.

I am honored to serve with such a dedicated group of professionals!

Amy Spinnato 2015-2016 Chair

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