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Brandon Hall
Message from the Chair

Submitted by: Danielle Ballantyne

Our annual Neophyte training was held in October at the Holiday Inn in Ocean City, Maryland. There were close to 40 attendees from all over our Tri-state area as well as West Virginia and New York. The hotel this year was a new property and the feedback we received was very positive.

The annual fall conference was held in early November at the Clarion Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. I'd like to thank Dave Manning and his committee for providing an informative conference with great presenters and topics. During the conference we voted and approved a major bylaw change regarding the Vice Chair responsibilities. For 2013-14 the Vice Chair will be an elected position lasting two years. The Vice Chair will chair the Finance Committee and will provide oversight of the finances of the association including the Treasurer's office. The Conference Chair, previously the Vice Chair, will now be an appointed position and the duties will remain the same. The association Bylaws are available on the association web site, www.dedcmdasfaa.org.

The Awards and Scholarships Committee gave out the following awards during the fall conference:
Deborah Yonker - Marilyn Brown Professional Excellence Award
Margaret Bowler- Lifetime Membership Award
Pat Shoemaker- Volunteer of the Year
Brandon Hall- New Member of the Year
Dawn Shockley and Vianela Fernandez, co-chairs- Committee of the Year- Professional Development and Training

Congratulations to all our awardees and thank you for supporting Tri-state!

Legislative Visits