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Nicole Miles
Message From The Chair

Submitted by: Angie Hovatter

Hello spring!!! I love this time of year. Flowers are starting to bloom, the temperature is rising, we are running two financial aid award years at the same time and every student wants to take summer classes to catch up and graduate on time. Actually, the last two are not that much fun, but it is all part of a day's work in the financial aid office. I have always said that being a member of a financial aid team either working in an office or being a partner to schools makes for an exciting and nonstop career.

Over the years, financial aid professionals have survived changes in student loans, Pell Grants, verification and SAP just to name a few. TriState committees embraced all the changes and used them to offer trainings and promote advocacy for our students. Last month's spring training held at Hood College in Frederick was a show stopper with David Bergeron and Greg Martin from the United States Department of Education speaking on topics of verification and fraud, while Megan McClean from NASFAA presented on the looming standardize award letters. In February, the Federal Relations Committee organized a tremendous hill visit with calculated scheduled appointments and a number of participants from up and down the eastern part of the country.

So what is on the horizon for financial aid professionals? If I could answer that question, I would know the winning numbers to the lottery and be sitting on the beach reading a good book right now. We all know that is not going to happen, but what do we know. We know that our jobs are going to change again, good or bad. We know we have TriState friends who have our backs. We know TriState committees will offer some training or function on new federal initiatives or laws. We know we can get through more changes together. It is a privilege to be part of such a great team of professionals.

Enjoy the spring weather and remember to do something for yourself YOU DESERVE IT!!

Angie Hovatter
Chair 2011-2012

Decision 2012