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Nicole Miles
Message From The Chair

Submitted by: Andrea Cipolla

Happy Spring, Tri-State! As I'm writing this we are on the edge of our seat waiting to hear what Congress will decide in regards to the Pell grant and other programs for 2011-2012 and possibly 2010-2011. Thank you to all our colleagues that wrote and visited Capitol Hill on the behalf of our students. I have faith that they will hear us and listen.

2010-2011 is winding down, but we never stop. The budget proposal, awarding for the next year and new regulations effective July 1 are only a few of our big concerns. I've always said I loved this industry because it is so dynamic and always changing, but even I have to admit...this is a little ridiculous. All kidding aside, our students need us now more than ever. The new SAP and R2T4 rules will be harder than ever to explain to a student. At some schools, the new R2T4 will be create larger balances long after the students have received refund checks, preventing them from returning in the spring. Students are now counting on two Pells in an award year, as well as SEOG. It will be more difficult for some of our students to attend. In the words of Dory from "Finding Nemo", all we can do is "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."

Many of us have reached out to others to ask questions, get clarification, etc. That's what we do best in Tri-State. We make connections that allow us to lean on one another in times of need. It makes me feel good to be involved in this association. You totally rock!! Thanks again to everyone for your support and allowing me the opportunity to serve. If there is anything you feel we can do better or a service we are not providing, please contact me. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas.

Greetings from DC!