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Message from the Chair

Submitted by:  Michael Poma

You know, everyone begins with, “I can’t believe it’s here.” Well, I’m going to say the same thing. Elections were 15 months ago and it’s now my turn to lead our association. As I told the board, I am honored to lead such a great organization. What’s coming down the road for us, no one really knows, but we all have plenty of ideas of what may be in store for us.

As we know, the Department of Education has awarded servicing contracts to four private entities. These contracts say they’ll service and originate all loans by 2011. In addition, schools are busy processing packages and answering questions and reviewing PJ’s…

So, what’s Tri-State have in store for the year? As mentioned on the listserv, we would like to see increased membership at the monthly trainings, NEOPHYTE, fall conference and spring workshop. In addition, membership in general has fallen. We are down approximately 20% year over year. Please consider renewing your membership if you did not pay in 2008-2009. Now more than ever it’s important to attend trainings and hear what is happening in our industry. We recognize budgets are tight, however, we hope you have enough to send staff to the trainings to receive those important updates.

Volunteers – we cannot function without support from each of you. We’ve seen a reduction in school presenters over the past two years and now it’s time to come back. Your colleagues are looking for suggestions and networking opportunities. Help everyone out and be a resource so institutions have access to you while implementing their new processes.

Lastly, communication is important for all of us. Continue to use the listserv as a means for asking questions, sending out important updates, or even filling that empty position. Submit articles to the newsletter to provide other institutions with an example of something that was successful at your office. Plus, we are now on Facebook. Use the ‘search’ function and type DE-DC-MD ASFAA (case sensitive) and join the group.

Lastly, enjoy the summer and prepare for the fall—it’ll be here before you know it.

Message from the Past Chair