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Message from the 2008-2009 Chair
The Rewards of Being a Presenter

Submitted by:  Ellie Geiman

Why would anyone want to stand in front of a crowd of people and talk about financial aid? The most important reason is education. Can we go to college to take a class on how to complete a FAFSA or learn how a guarantee agent fits in the picture of processing a student loan? Financial aid professionals are also educators. We realize the importance of helping others in our profession to do a great job.

When we see an email asking for presenters for a conference or workshop, do we immediately volunteer to present a session? Perhaps your expertise is professional judgment and you have been on the job long enough that you have heard every story under the sun. Sharing your knowledge is a wonderful tool of understanding. At the recent neophyte training, a group of new financial aid professionals were asked about unique circumstances that they experience in their office. It is amazing that someone will come up with a scenario that is new and unchartered. As presenters ask for feedback or comments, it opens the training session to comparing notes with our colleagues.

There are many rewards of presenting. First is the knowledge you have given another professional at least the understanding to do a better job. Second, the students are the recipients of our professional development by receiving quality financial aid advice. Third is when the day comes that you see a new presenter on the agenda and realize that person was a neophyte for one of your training sessions. Seeing another person grow as a financial aid professional is the ultimate reward.

Perhaps when we put out the call for presenters, we should really ask for educators. In the Vision Statement for this year, one of the goals and objectives is to “provide support and encouragement for all financial aid professionals through training and networking with the organization”. Why wait to be asked when you can volunteer today to assist the Professional Development and Training Committee. Please contact egeiman@mcdaniel.edu to say yes to serving as a presenter for Tri-State.

Message from the Newsletter Chair