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Melissa Rakes
Message from the Chair
Submitted by:  Laura Boesler

Hello fellow Tri-state members. Happy Fall!

Please allow me to introduce the 2007-2008 Executive Board Members:

  • Sarah Bauder, Past Chair and Nominations and Elections Chair
  • Ellie Geiman, Chair-Elect
  • Brittany Benton, Secretary
  • Michael Poma, Vice Chair
  • Roger Lettie, Treasurer
  • Chris Lodge, DE President
  • Vacant, DC President
  • Stephanie Bender, MD President

Committee Chairs:

  • Vicki Smith, Awards and Scholarship
  • Tanya McMillian, Development
  • Gretchen Bonfardine, Electronic Services
  • Angie Hovatter, Federal Relations
  • Dawn Mosisa, Federal Relations
  • Jacqui Daughtry-Miller, Historian
  • Karen Price, Long Range Planning
  • Jason Vansickle, Membership
  • Melissa Rakes, Newsletter
  • Liz Urbanski, Organization and Governance
  • Andrea Cipolla, PD&T
  • Aristea Williams, PD&T
  • Jen Bastos, Community Service
  • Dave Manning, College Goal Sunday

We all look forward to serving the membership this year.

Tri-state’s annual Fall Conference was held November 11-13. As always, it was a great event. Look for pictures from the conference in the next issue of News & Views.

Also, it’s never too early to think about serving Tri-state next year by running for office. Feel free to talk to any of the current members of the Board to get all the questions you may have about serving answered. (It is really more attainable than you might imagine!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful fall semester!

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