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Melissa Rakes
Message from the Chair
Submitted by:  Richard Heath, 2005-2006 Tri-State ASFAA Chair

As spring is in full bloom and the Spring Conference is now a memory, I am pleased to report that the Tri-State ASFAA has successfully completed another election cycle and that the members have responded by selecting an excellent slate of candidates to work with the 06-07 Chair. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members who chose to “put themselves out there” and have their names placed on the ballot indicating their willingness to serve the Association as an elected official. Their willingness to serve, whether elected or not, and the support they received from their supervisors is crucial to the continued good health of the Association. A “special thank you” goes to Sandy Brown, Past Chair and Chair of the Nominations and Election Committee, and her Committee for their efforts to make this election a fair process as they reviewed candidates and forwarded their slate of candidates to the Board. I would also like to extend an additional thank you to Sandy as she ends her time on the Board and brings to a close her uncounted, tireless hours of service to the Association. Times of transition have their challenges but the memories that have been generated are encouraging to look back on.

The Federal Relations Committee is “still going” as Beth and Taisha make plans for a trip to the Hill in May. Voicing our concerns over issues that will have an impact on the financial aid programs we manage at our institutions and funding available for students to pay for higher education is a top priority of this Association. Besides the training and professional development of our members, future funding of higher education is at the top of the list. I would like to encourage each of us to do our part to voice the concerns, discuss the issues and provide solutions as we interact with those in Congress. Beth and Taisha would be glad to have any of you join us on May 18th and 19th as we hit the Hill with the NYSFAAA FRC and several students from key states.

The Association is finalizing an opportunity to have our name and logo registered with the Federal Trade Commission. Gretchen Bonfardine, Melissa Rakes and Dave Manning have been instrumental in helping us get the needed logos and paper work submitted before the end of April. By the time you read this, we will (hopefully) have all in order and on its way for processing. This should protect the Association in the future against unscrupulous practices from those that would misrepresent us by using our logo and name. There has not been a problem and we are taking the steps to avoid one in the future. This has been prompted by trademark abuse in some of the member states. We would like to avoid that possibility here at Tri-State.

From this view, the spring winds down as the fall began with a fully involved Association providing training, professional development and outreach events to our members. Thank you to all of the Committee Chairs for another productive year for the Association.

Message from the
News & Views Team