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Melissa Rakes
Message from the Chair
Submitted by:  Richard Heath, 2005-2006 Tri-State ASFAA Chair

Since assuming my responsibilities for the “Chair” of the Association on June 8th, “stuff” has happened at a rate that I never could have imagined personally, institutionally and nationally. I have realized in the past and was reminded again that it is how we react to the “stuff” that happens in our lives that will determine how we get through it and in what condition we find our selves at the other end when the “storm” finally calms. Saying “goodbye” to Elaine Beck-Gavin, a friend, co-worker, and long time Tri-State member, after an “unexpected” complication from routine surgery reminded all of us how precious life is and that our “days are numbered” and need to be lived to their fullest. Maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships should be one of our highest priorities for life and a constant challenge for all of us.

The unprecedented turn of events along the Gulf Coast Region is a reminder of the fact that life counts, stuff can be replaced. I was personally struck by the fact that some of our “financial aid family” may have been affected by the storm from schools in that area. In response, I have contacted the regional financial aid Association leaders to offer not only our prayers but our material support as well. I have asked Bob Foultz, a recent Past Tri-State Chair, to act as our point person for this effort. Bob enthusiastically agreed and has already responded with valuable information. We are seeking to identify financial aid personnel from schools in the affected area, determine how many and at what level we can help them now that the recovery phase of this has begun. This will be a long hard slog for many and I wanted to encourage all of them with our long-term commitment to being available to help. Bob is ready to “drive the truck” if needed so the extent to what help we offer will only be limited by how small our vision and capacity is.

Fall is my favorite time of year as there are always a lot of things going on. Re-Authorization is grinding to completion in time for the Fall Conference and the 40th anniversary of the Higher Education Act of 1965 that has made all of the Title IV programs possible. There are several training opportunities being offered by Tri-State as well as our lender and guarantee agency partners around the area.

From this Chair, it all looks good as all of you are doing the work of the Association.

Message from the
News & Views Team