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Melissa Rakes
Message from the Chair
And How Did YOU Spend Your Summer Vacation?
Submitted by:  Melissa F. Gregory, 2004-05 Newsletter Chair

It’s amazing. How can summer be almost over already? As a financial aid administrator for 25 years, I’ve learned that summer is not the most relaxing time of the year. I always envy colleagues in other areas of the college who seem to be able to take month-long excursions to interesting places. I think it’s particularly difficult at community colleges. (Just my personal opinion from working at different types of schools.) At community colleges, we’re always concerned about keeping enrollment up. Enrollment numbers drive the budget, and financial aid fuels enrollment. Daily enrollment reports are scrutinized as we brainstorm strategies to provide access to all.

This summer has flown by faster than ever. Financial aid applications are up, funds are limited—how will we get everyone in and paid? Gee, it’s fun. I spent a little beach time with my family, but the rest of the summer has been packing for a move to a new, less vertically-challenged, house. (The older you get, the fewer stairs you want to climb.) I hope you all found some time for yourself this summer. Getting away and refreshing yourself is very important. We often push ourselves to the limit in financial aid. I’ve been reading different articles in business magazines about how people are afraid to take vacations for fear of appearing dispensable. Managers are encouraged, despite heavy workloads, to allow staff the time to get away and take a break. It actually improves productivity and morale. Hope that’s true!

The Tristate Executive Board for 2005-06 has many new faces. It’s very exciting to see some new people take on a leadership role in the association. One of those new faces is our newsletter editor, Melissa Rakes. (Future applicants for this post take note—you may need to change your first name.) Melissa introduces herself in the next article. I hope you will all support her enthusiastically by submitting articles and photos to keep the newsletter humming. News and Views is about you and your contributions to the association and the world of financial aid. Let everyone know what’s going on out there!

Thanks to everyone for their contributions this past year. You make the job easier.


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