Summer 2004 Online Publication    

Issue Due Date
Fall 9/15
Focus: Conference Training
Winter 12/01
Focus: You Can Afford College
Spring 04/15
Focus: Professional Development
Summer 06/30
Focus: Transition/Planning
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Submitted by:  The NAV Team

A toast to Tri-state for a great year - Gary Spoales and Melvina JohnsonWelcome to the transition issue of the Tri-State News and Views for Summer 2004. As you read this edition, the board retreat will be behind us and plans will have been laid for 0405 activities.

Summer is here, right? As I write this, it appears that we are in Monsoon season and in desperate need of a warm spell. However, we will probably be complaining about the heat before long. Transitions are difficult. It is always difficult to make everyone happy in any transitional period. This is the “Transition Issue” of your newsletter. The board of directors of the association held their “transition” retreat at Loew’s Hotel in Annapolis beginning June 6, 2004. A perfect time for a Transition focused issue.

Summer is a transition period for many of our college bound students and their families. It is also a transition period for students who are graduating and their families. In both cases, the parents are hoping for some peace and quiet on the homefront - not that their wish always comes true. My 22 year old just graduated in May from UMCP and she is headed back home both to our delight but considerable surprise. She is our wanderer with more travel logged to date than most people you know. Kristen's return and her brother's wedding in July will be a transition of major proportions for us. The article from Richard Burt provides some advice and guidance for assisting your graduating students in the repayment of their student loans, while Gene Logan offers tips on consolidation to help your students make a successful transition. Some of our colleagues have their own transitions which are briefly reported in the "People Mover" section.

This issue has news regarding evolving activities within the association and a summary of our activities for 0304. In addition, we are highlighting the new members of the board of directors. The board is in transition with new faces in different positions and some familiar faces stepping down to make room for new input. One of those new members will replace me as editor just as I replaced her. While Melissa Gregory enjoyed her year off, she is ready to provide you first-rate service as your editor once again. I hope that you will support her efforts as you did my team’s efforts this past year. We wish her well and a very successful year.

Editors of the newsletter have literary license to speak their mind. Instead of rambling on about what is important to me, I've attempted to provide you balanced reporting on information that is of interest to you in your daily efforts. Perhaps this issue appears to digress with a couple of off-beat articles to keep you smiling this Summer. As you face the masses for admissions, graduation and registration activities, you might find some identification with the "Obituary for Common Sense" in this issue. You may also find yourself longing for days gone by, however, our reflections on 1904 - the way it was - might give you pause for a reflection on what the future holds and the accelerated rate that it arrives at our doorstep compared to 1904 to 2004. We hope you enjoy both of these "fun" escapes from the daily grind. As always, our contributors to this issue are listed at the end of the newsletter. Perhaps, next issue, you will join them. Thank you for your support. The Newsletter Committee wishes you a wonderful and safe Summer. See you on the road in 0405.

The NAV Team

A Special Note from the Co-Editor
It has been a pleasure to serve as co-editor and co-chair of the NAV Team and thank Bob Foultz for giving me the opportunity to serve the association. Gary and Gretchen are true professionals from whom I have learned much and I will miss working with them. I urge the members to submit articles. Everyone has something of interest to many. Your contribution may serve as inspiration to others. Thanks again for a great ride.


Article Guidelines: Full articles should be no longer than two typed pages single spaced. It is requested that all submissions be provided in 10 pt size with Arial font type.

All articles submitted for publication will be reviewed by the Editorial staff. Submissions should be of a professional interest to the association and not include marketing and/or advertising of products, services, websites or personnel.

Please submit all feature articles to Melissa Gregory, Montgomery College, at for future issues in 0405.

Message From the Outgoing Chair