Fall 2003 Online Publication    

Message From the Chair
Submitted by:  Robert A. Foultz – Chair

Hello Everyone,

Well, it is August as I write this and we are all in the “belly of the beast” so to speak. For the neophytes about to experience their first Fall registration, “we salute you”. For the veterans who have seen it all before and swear that it can’t get any worse, hold that thought and spare a moment to reflect on our EASFAA colleagues to the north who are hopefully not still suffering the lingering effects of the Big Blackout of 2003. Can you imagine the effects had it happened in the middle of registration? Now that is a shocking thought.

Anyway, this fall edition of the newsletter will light your way into the semester. This issue is chock full of articles, pictures of friends and colleagues, and announcements of important and interesting events in Tri-State. Here are a just a few of the highlights:

  • 09/19/03 - The Fall Hill Visit in Washington, D.C.
  • 10/12/03 - The Neophyte Workshop in Rehoboth, Delaware
  • 11/10/03 - The Fall Conference in Ocean City, Maryland

Hey, we are not called Tri-State for nothing.

The visit to the Hill in September is a follow up to the Hill symposium held last Spring and is quite timely, given Reauthorization. Richard Heath and Beth McSweeney are the new Co-Chairs of the Federal Relations Committee and have quite an event-filled year planned with the help of Ingrid Valentine and their diligent and hardworking committee. They would love to hear your thoughts, so help them shine a spotlight on Congress and the feds.

Bridget Watson returns to the Professional Development and Training Committee with a new Co-Chair, namely Melvina Johnson. Together, with the help of Pat Shoemaker, and the rest of this able committee, they are offering an excellent neophyte training, which seems to get better every year. They will energize your neophyte and return them charged up and ready to go.

Roy Chernikoff and his electrifying Conference Committee will definitely create light and heat for the Fall Conference to be held for the second year at the Carousel. The theme this year is “Beating the Odds with Financial Aid”. Do not miss your chance to find out the latest news regarding reauthorization.

Finally, do not forget to visit our brand-spanking-new website. Our new webhost is ATAC. Pat Rhodes and the Electronic Services Committee have been hard at work updating the website and it shows. Don’t take my word for it – go to the website and see for yourself.

Okay, well I have pretty well beaten this Big Blackout theme to death, but don’t turn me off yet. This is the first newsletter put together by Gary Spoales and Maria Izquierdo-Whitaker with the help of Gretchen Bonfardine and the Newsletter Committee. If you like it, let them know please. If you have a constructive critique, please illuminate us.

Permit me one last serious note. My hope is that at some point during the Fall, we will all pause to reflect about what is important to us in the Student Financial Aid profession. Then we must act to let our representatives in Congress know what we think. Our core values are what drive us forward. Access to a higher education is the minimum. Freedom of choice is the ideal to which we must aspire.

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