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Danette Burgess, State President
Assistant Director
American University
4400 Massachussets Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20016
Phone: (202) 885-6110

Committee Members:
Selam T Araia - Howard University
Marjorie Arrington - Cooley, LLP
Danette Burgess - American University
Elizabeth N Chandler - Catholic University of America (The)
Jennifer Counter - Georgetown University
Darlene Davis - Catholic University of America (The)
Joseph Dobrota - Catholic University of America (The)
Andrea Ford - Potomac College
Philip Hawkins - George Washington University (The)
Jo A Humphreys - Catholic University of America (The)
Nancy B La Motta - George Washington University (The)
Alyce K McFarland - University of District of Columbia
Diane R Morris - Not Specified
Michael A O'Grady - Financial Aid Services
Kevin M Painter - American University
Ashley L Peyton - Catholic University of America (The)
Christopher M Pollard - George Washington University (The)
Kyle P Prudence - Catholic University of America (The)
Kimberly R Salters - Howard University
Meredith A Schor - George Washington University (The)
Precious A Smith - Howard University
Delice Tavernier - American University

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