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The University of Baltimore - OFA Functional Coordinator

15 Mar 2023 9:24 AM | Thomas Healy

Office of Financial Aid Functional Coordinator

Vacancy number 301328

Position Type: Regular, full-time exempt position with full, competitive benefits package
Opens: 03/10/23     Closes: Open Until Filled

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications

• excellent tuition remission benefits
• outstanding health benefits plans and rates
• at least 11 paid holidays each year
• 40 days of annual, personal, and sick leave each year, including 20+ annual leave days
• great retirement plans

The Functional Coordinator for the Office of Financial Aid is directly responsible for student information system setup (SIS), processes, and procedures in Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2 Campus Solutions for the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). This position contributes to the mission of the University by maintaining a system that effectively facilitates the receipt of applications for financial aid, merging internal and external data which culminates in the awarding and disbursement of institutional, state, and federal financial aid funds. Pre and post disbursement, the Functional Coordinator is responsible the integrity and accuracy of data and application processing through efforts to protect the confidentiality of applications, producing accurate and timely monitoring reports, developing and running queries to validate processing status and to facilitate and meet internal and external reporting requirements. The Functional Coordinator serves as the primary resource for configuration, maintenance and support of financial aid functions in the student information system, including importing application data from external sources and exporting relevant financial aid data and results to external organizations which include the US Department of Education, the Maryland Higher Education Commission, state and federal audit organizations, and national higher education survey organizations (US News and World Report). The Functional Coordinator is responsible for working with UBalt Office of Technology Services (OTS) partners to apply annual updates required by federal and/or state regulations.  This includes setup, acceptance testing for software updates/upgrades, and the development of queries to insure data integrity. Additionally, this position serves as the technical resource in OFA for all matters pertaining to Oracle PeopleSoft, including troubleshooting setup and data in areas peripheral to OFA such as admissions, student accounts and course registration. Finally, the Coordinator supports additional OFA-related software systems by managing appropriate workflows in the document imaging system, the UBalt CRM (Salesforce), and other secondary systems within the UBalt environment.

We look forward to receiving your required electronic application with a cover letter and resume and learning about your interest in and qualifications for our vacancy.  Please save your required cover letter and resume as one document (please make the file name short and without spaces or special characters) and attach it in the resume location. To apply, visit http://www.ubalt.edu/candidate_gateway/erecruit.html. Additional instructions below.

Key Functions/Responsibilities/Tasks:

System Maintenance, Processing and Support: Sets up and maintains Office of Financial Aid (OFA) modules functionality administrative systems such as the student information system (SIS), and provides support to other staff as necessary.

•    Performs routine maintenance of external application uploads and revisions from the US Department of Education or similar related entities
•    Adds new setup, as required, to financial aid or other secondary related systems and service indicator table
•    Serves as the primary technical resource for OFA for all matters pertaining to Oracle PeopleSoft, including assistance in trouble-shooting setup in areas peripheral to but integrated with OFA, especially Admissions, Bursar, and Records and Registration, escalating support requests to OTS and/or the Director of Financial Aid as necessary
•    Manages processes and workflows in all enterprise technology tools like document imaging, electronic signatures, etc.  
•    Coordinates both internal and external file sharing of financial aid related data
•    Performs system setup and testing of OFA enhancements and modifications as well as any other enhancements and modifications for other units with downstream impact for the OFA. Maintains and/or compiles from other users up-to-date system procedures for financial aid processes, including development and maintenance of a financial aid data dictionary

Data Documentation and Requests: Oversees the development and maintenance of data documentation in support of consistent and accurate responses to information requests.

•    Following University policies and standards, develops, publishes, and maintains a database for the guidelines of the OFA
•    Serves as the primary contact for all data and report requests to the OFA
•    Develops, maintains, and runs queries as requested or needed for internal and external reporting to University stakeholders

Software Testing and Acceptance: Oversees testing by office staff of OFA-related technology systems in support of successful error free financial aid processing.

•    Develops and maintains test plans for all existing and new software systems
•    Develops and implements test plans for new system modifications or process implementations
•    Manage system testing of OFA processes during routine upgrade cycles
•    Coordinates testing of Oracle PeopleSoft records bundle
•    Responsible for verifying accuracy and reliability of Oracle PeopleSoft delivered bundle updates

Survey/Data Collection and Reporting: Supports and validates internal and external data collection resulting in accurate internal and external reporting.

•    Develops and maintains processes for collection and validation of data
•    Assists with updating external reporting using financial aid data
•    Updates other reports requiring financial aid data
•    Coordinates testing of Oracle PeopleSoft financial aid bundle
•    Coordinates testing and application of new state or federal financial aid systems enhancements or changes.

Serves as a backup to the Enrollment Management Operations team which includes other duties as assigned.

Provides customer service to prospective/current students and families and UBalt staff or faculty.

Required Education:
Bachelor’s degree

Required Experience:
Three years of progressively responsible experience with information systems, related query, and process maintenance.

Preferred Education:
Baccalaureate degree in related field/discipline that coordinates with/applies to the responsibilities of the position.

Preferred Experience:
•    5 years of progressive student information system experience
•    Experience working in higher education with a variety of software solutions related to financial aid or other student enrollment software applications.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of higher education enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems setup and processes as they relate to financial aid.

Excellent communication skills; verbal, written and electronic.

Ability to work independently and to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.

Stays current with emerging technology; seeks opportunities to apply available technology to improve department results/service delivery.

Is results-oriented; takes accountability for completing work assignments; meets commitments and deadlines.

Responds with appropriate urgency to requests for information and/or assistance.

Effectively follows university policies without alienating customers.

Develops effective working relationships inside and outside immediate work area.

Contributes ideas and shares information within and across work groups; shares lessons learned, documents processes.

Displays cooperative and open-minded behavior in working with others.  

Takes responsibility for continuous process performance improvement.

Constructively voices new ideas; persists; takes extra steps to anticipate and overcome possible situations which could negatively impact students.  

Ability to work independently and to multi-task in a fast-paced, multi-system environment which often is running two to three years of processing concurrently.

The University of Baltimore ("UBalt" or "University") does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices. UBalt is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.

We appreciate your interest in our recruitment. Please review the information below before you visit http://www.ubalt.edu/candidate_gateway/erecruit.html to apply.

We need to receive your electronic application in our system by the vacancy closing date in order to consider you for the vacancy.  Information follows about submitting the electronic application and attaching your required cover letter and resume.

Applicant Instructions: Using Candidate Gateway to View and Apply for UBalt Vacancies

The Candidate Gateway system serves as your connection to The University of Baltimore’s job application process. It is a free, safe and secure way for you to apply for the job you want, and it allows the Office of Human Resources to maintain accurate records. Your use of the system does not require you to surrender any of your rights to privacy or confidentiality during the application process. Only qualified members of UBalt’s Human Resources team and members of the relevant search committee can access your application information. The search committee will not have access to any information you provide to HR for affirmative action reporting purposes.

Please read and print the information below before you apply, and refer to it as you enter your application.



Before you apply:

• Save one PDF or Word file with your cover letter, resume, and any additional information you would like to have considered.

When you apply:

•In Candidate Gateway: Click “Browse” to access the Word or PDF document you saved with all of your documents.
•Then, click “Upload” to attach it.
•Click “Continue” to continue the application process.


Each page shows this display:
Previous Save Submit Close Application Careers Home NEXT

above and below the required data for the four categories shown above.

Click “Save” to save the data you entered on that page. The message “You have successfully submitted your job application.” confirms only that you entered that page of information into the system. You must click “Next” to continue and complete the entire application process.

1. Current and Prior Employment/Work Experience:

•Enter employment information relevant to your position of interest.
•You can use the first day of the month wherever dates are required.
•After you enter your work experience, click “Save,” then click “Next.”

2. Education/Education History and References:

•Use the dropdown to enter your highest education level.  Entering this information is required.
•Then, only college and university information is required. Click the plus sign to the left of the “Postsecondary Education” link to enter that information.
•For country, enter USA or click the hourglass to select another country.
•You can use the first day of the month wherever dates are required.
•Click the plus sign to the left of "References" to enter two professional references.
•After you enter your education information and references, click “Save,” then click “Next.”

3. How did you find out about us/how did you find out about the job?

•After you enter this information, click “Save,” then click “Next.”

4. Online Questionnaire/Application Questionnaire: Answer the questions requiring a yes or no response. After you answer them, click “Submit.” This leads you to the Submit Online Application page.


To apply for your selected job: When you reach the “Submit Online Application” page shown below, you must click “I agree to these terms” and then click the “Submit” button at the end of the screen. After you click “Submit,” then you will see this information at the top of your screen:

My Applications
Thank you for your interest in employment at The University of Baltimore. HR will process your application documents for the search committee’s consideration.
Note: This screen will also show additional information about the selection process and Office of Human Resources contact information.

If you have trouble viewing our job postings or applying for the vacancy, contact ubhrcareers@ubalt.edu for assistance.


External applicants: Review the vacancy announcement at http://www.ubalt.edu/candidate_gateway/erecruit.html and click the external applicant link to apply.

Internal applicants (students taking classes at UBalt and current employees) with login and password for MyUBalt: use the internal applicant link, log into MyUBalt, then click the “View or Apply for Job Positions” link on the left.

•Never use the Internet Explorer “Back” and “Forward” arrows to navigate. You will lose the information you have submitted.
•To navigate between pages, use the “Next,” “Previous,” and “Return to Previous Page” buttons.
•Use the “Save” button to save your information so you can return to it later and complete your application. Using “Save” does not complete the process to apply for a job opening.

The University of Baltimore ("UBalt" or "University") does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices. UBalt is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.

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